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The growing need for Home Care

The Aging Pyramid is almost upside Down! The 55 and older segment of our population is already one of the largest and the most rapidly growing segments of our population, and this is about to be impacted significantly by Baby Boomers. “Predictions:  As the baby boomers move into old age, they will continue to influence the shape of the country’s population pyramid. A 2003 Library of Congress report suggested that U.S. life expectancy will continue to rise to 2050 and beyond; women aged 65 in 2025 can expect to live another 20 years, while men can expect an additional 17.5 years. As a...

What is Home Care, and what can it do for me?

As our population ages more and more seniors living at home alone find that they may need some help. Home Care agencies offer a wide range of services to people requiring assistance. While the majority of people requiring home care may be seniors this is not always the case, many younger, chronically ill, and infirmed individuals require home care services as well. Home Care services offered by Home Care agencies are as widely varied as the needs of the clients themselves. While some individuals may be able enough to care for themselves they may not be able to care for their environment....